emotional & adventurous



Today I met S, it’s my first time to talk what I feel. It’s difficult to tell, but I did it.

Say, in life we’ve blamed so many selfish people to find their liberty while letting us in deep sorrow, at the same time, that person who persued the liberty was also sad for doing this. What lead us can’t keep a stable relationship till the end ?

It’s like you never share your sextoy with others. That idea sounds crazily disguesting but at the same time you wish to try different sextoys. When you return from your errors you realize that there are valuable things too you’ve ever wanted, disappeared.

Is that true we need to live bewteen the uncertainty between the stable and simple & complex and passionate ?

S told me that he will suggest me books and also I’m not the only person who felt depressed. Good to know he acctually thought through everything. Therefore interesting ideas & attractions can not be found in stable persons.

Nothing can be perfect as we wanted. We always need to chose, for a single half second’s choice, the life can be totally different, it can be up up up , and down down down.


If in the story, nobody’s actually victim, everything’s fine.

Overall, nobody should ruin our lifes.



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